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“I think my closet is a reflection of the Whitney Eve girl: very colourful, print-heavy, eclectic, and most of all, comfortable," Whitney Port told us. We’ve been big supporters of Port since her T.V. days of The Hills and The City, and throughout the continued success of her ever-expanding line, Whitney Eve. “My dream is to dress a girl from head to toe, so accessories are my next step,” she revealed. Port’s walk-in was bursting with colour, prints and whimsical charmand she’s got the organization thing down to a science. Port has a slew of sartorial outfits: Giuseppe Zanotti sparkly heels, a drapy Thakoon dress among others.

Port spilled a ton of stuff: her favourite flea markets, her knack for making a killer cheese plate, her go-to destinations for interiors, and her love for high/low mixing. We adore a girl with a sea of expensive stilettos, but we really love a girl who adds a pair from Zara, Topshop and Urban Outfitters into the mix. Our greatest find in Port’s closet was a certain yellow jumper…ring any bells? (It was the one Port wore on her first day at DVF!) Port’s words of wisdom for aspiring interns? “I absolutely loved all the experience I gained working in the different facets of the fashion industry, from being an intern at Teen Vogue to a P.R. girl at People’s Revolution, to working at a major fashion house. The best advice I can give to anyone trying to work in the fashion industry is to gain work experience as soon as possible and try to secure internships, even as early as summer in high school.”

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  1. Awww I love Whitney! Want her wardrobe!