Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Let us introduce to you our new girl crush. A girl who is certainly giving Charlotte Free a run for her money when it comes to home-dying her rainbow coloured hair. A California girl with huge amibitions and an eagerness for constantly adding to her tattoo collection, we present, Chloe Norgaard.
Full-time model, part-time DJ, a sober party girl and avid festival goer (you can tell why we love her, right?), Chloe has travelled the globe walking in every fashion week putting her stamp on the fashion world.

Girlfriend of designer Asger Juel Larsen, who’s grungey, underground, and very black creations took London Fashion Week by storm this season, Chloe remarks that walking for him three times now has been an inspirational experience. Chloe also worked with our favourite photographer Terry Richardson. *dies*
Conformity isn’t a word that features too often in her vocabulary. She likes to do her own thing. With her vibrant, edgy style that we absolutely adore, she is one of our role model's for sure.

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