Monday, August 20, 2012


Camouflage overload! It seems that it isn't just us here at The Silver Factory that are loving the camo trend right now. Every gal and her mama who have any fashion sense are embracing the army jacket for the season ahead. We are loving the many different ways to make camouflage fit each and everyone's own personal style.

1. Our favourite fashion gal Angela Scanlon showcases her camo with a clashing print maxi dress and oversized clutch - LOVE!

2. Throw your jacket on over a white tee with bold black graphics (cue shameless name dropping) like our Silver Factory ones here

3. Black basics make the camo pop, and that oversized black clutch works for us too!

4. Lash on the gold accessories, load up on tan add-ons, cinch in the waist and add a hint of Chanel (if you would) et voila - camouflage lady chic.

5. White basics, oversized handbag, toussled hair and camo jacket - YES

6. A little closer to home, our friends at Folkster show us how to NAIL the camo trend. A+ Blanaid! 

Now to find the perfect camo jacket to fit our wardrobes...
Let us know how you wear yours by tweeting us! @_SilverFactory

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