Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Who is super excited for the Electric Picnic this weekend???
WE ARE! Here is our quick list of fashion do's and don't's, must haves and avoidable mishaps:

1. Do show some leg girls. The weather is set to be promising so get your legs out. We're talking dresses, Levi cut-offs, (a la Miss Azaelia Banks style, who we just cannot wait to see), the LOT!

2. Be sure to pop your parka in your bag. Not only does it go with everything but should it get cold or a little rainy, it will be your saving grace.

3. Bring your beanie. Or any hat for that matter. Lack of hair washing, and camping fever mean the hat stays on your head. Also adds fashion props to your look.

4. Accessorize! Channel your inner Rita Ora (swoon!) and add peaked caps, sunnies, layers of bracelets and bangles (#armswag) to look every inch the festival queen.

5. DIY your wellies. Though it may not be forecast to rain, what's a festival without your trusty welly boots? In typical Silver Factory style, we're busy studding ours as we speak!

And should that not be enough, you can check out our most stylish festival fashion picks for some more inspiration.

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