Thursday, August 2, 2012



Its Bunny Mayer's Birthday! Grav3yardgirl, Swamp Queen and general bad ass lady! We have been very fortunate to have gotten the pleasure to know Bunny as we work together on the run up to our collaboration shorts launch (watch this space) but we're taking a minute to share with you guys, the swamp family, our top 5 Grav3yardgirl videos in celebration of Bunny's Birthday! YAYUS. If none of this made sense to you we suggest clearing your calendar for at least the next 24hrs and get on down to watching some good old swamp family videos. Enjoy.

Happy Birthday Bunny ♡ The Silver Factory

No.1 | Huge Back To School Contest 
Her love and enthusiasm for stationary and school supplies is something we can relate to! 

No.2 | Dream Boyfriend & Swamp Family Mail
Drooling, Swamp Family Fun, Frosted Tear Flakes and full of males/mail.

No.3 | Jeffrey Campbell Shoe Collection
For obvious reasons. OMG. Shoes.

No.4 | OOTD - Summer Casuals 
Ehm. because we're in it! Although Cameron is'nt a Lady! 

Last but not least. Its just makes us laugh, allot ok? We can also relate to how distracted you can get when shopping! 

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